And… we’re 0 for 2

Last week I ran into this boy I had a huge crush on growing up. Huge. We ended up chatting, exchanging numbers, talking about going for patio drinks. Then, nothing. I finally sent him a quick text last night for encouragement. Got back a very noncommittal I’m busy, but maybe another time type of response. So. We’re moving on. It’s just too bad, because 12 year old me was so excited. Which is probably a sign that it likely isn’t an appropriate match for 34 year old me.

I don’t know what it is, exactly, but maybe it’s because spring is here, I’m really into the idea of going on dates. And ready to play the numbers game a bit. I just signed up for (gasp) a new dating site. I’m hoping that this one provides a bit less crazy and a bit more reality. I think I’ve been avoiding it because it seems too ‘serious’ for me. But now that I’m in, I can see where it’s probably right up my alley. So low pressure to start – I think I sent the same list of questions to 7 or 8 guys. This means that I don’t really remember who’s who, and don’t really care too much for now… 

May starts tomorrow. I am going to call that the official start. To what, I’m not entirely sure. But a new start for something. Spring’s a good time for that, I think.


I’m back, baby

Saturday. SW (roomie and sister) had a birthday. It involved margaritas at our house and karaoke at a local establishment. That’s where we met J. He was very attractive indeed. I was pretty toasty, but SW was toastier and needed to go home. I stayed and talked to J and J’s gay best friend, also J. The night was winding down, so of course I invited them all over to my house, along with my friend K. J drove us all there. I turned on some show on Netflix for K and also J.  

Yada, yada, yada, J was late to Easter. Oops. I gave him my number, but we’ll see if I hear anything. I do kind of hope he calls. 

I realized, though, how kind of icky it really felt when E would leave halfway through the night. Or at 5 AM. In three months, the only time we spent a whole night together was when I stayed at his place. So, new on the list – I am interested in guys that are able to and want to spend the night. Wake up with me. Get up and hang out for a bit. Have a cup of coffee without being weird. Seems reasonable, yes?

You’re Welcome?

So, E and I broke up. Do you even call it that when you’re not officially dating? I don’t know. In any case it’s done. 

I went over to his new (old) house last Wednesday. I could kind of tell it was coming by the way he was acting, but we sat and chatted for quite a long time about nothing. He did finally reveal that his 19 year old stepson was still living in the house. So… yeah… Anyway, he finally said that he thought we should talk about ‘where this was going’, which was obviously nowhere. Said he ‘wasn’t ready for anything serious’ and that the past few weeks had taken a lot out of him. I told him I wasn’t surprised, it wasn’t a big deal, and no, it wasn’t going to be weird to run into each other at a backyard bbq or whatever. He said that I had been ‘really good for him’ and essentially thanked me for being his rebound. Umm… sure… you’re welcome, I guess…

So, I got outta there, had a glass of wine at the local, and a few minutes of sad. The whole thing was not meant to be – I mean I wasn’t even that sad when it was over. 

Now I’m back on the Cupid. Nothing yet, but I’m not really looking too hard yet, either. I’m sure there are plenty of disasters awaiting. And I should be back to more consistent updates on my misadventures.