It’s a Numbers Game

I was out with my friend S the other day. And something weird happened. I was texting this guy. From the Cupid. We had gone back and forth a bit, then he asked what my next few days looked like. I mentioned that I had plans the next night (Thursday), but had some time this weekend. He then barely responded, and I could actually hear the pout through the text message. I told him to let me know when he was free and we could figure something out. Nothing. Dead air. Ok, buddy. If this is how you do life, then we probably weren’t going to work out anyway.

But I was disappointed, I think partly because he was really my only fish on the line at that point. I vowed to start emailing some of these guys that have been sitting in my increasingly long list of favorites on the Cupid. So far, I’ve had 2 responses to my 5 emails sent. Pretty good. One of these has since proven himself to be fairly humorless, so I think he might be out, but there is some promise with the other, maybe (though I’ve also resolved to stop counting chickens until they’re sitting across from me at a bar or coffee shop).

I am going to take S’s advice to heart, though, and work on sending 3 emails per day. Here’s what counts: a new email to someone I haven’t communicated with before or a response to someone who contacted me, who I’d like to continue talking to. Here’s what doesn’t: thanks-but-no-thanks notes (where a nice guy has emailed me, but I’m not into him). So far, I’m not keeping up very well, but it’s been fun and low-pressure. Which is how it should be, I think.