Still a disaster

And still dating. Actually have only been on about 3-4 dates in the last couple of months, I think. It became less fun for a while, particularly since most of these first dates are total snoozers.

Bored Nicki Minaj animated GIF

There was one notable exception. Shortly after my last post, J messaged me on OKCupid and he seemed pretty great. Job, apartment, car, the works. We dated for about 6 weeks. We spent quite a lot of time at his air-conditioned apartment, because it was hot and August-y. Eventually, however, it was revealed that he really didn’t ever want to go anywhere. He didn’t really seem to have any friends, either. I should have been more in tune with the fact that I didn’t really like this guy all that much (he was also pretty cheap), but I was ignoring all that. Perhaps because of the job, apartment, car stuff?… Then he called me one Saturday morning about an hour after he dropped me off and dumped me. The end. Except for the fact that he keeps texting me every few weeks. Mostly to make himself feel better for dumping me over the phone, I think.

Annoyed Annoyed Gif animated GIF

So. I recently got back in the game after mindlessly checking Tinder and OK for a few weeks, but never really responding to anyone.

I got a not-terrible message from a guy on OK seemed not-too-terrible, so we exchanged emails and will grab a drink on Saturday afternoon. He builds robots. Obviously a super-nerd, but funny and cute enough to get a shot. Robots. For real. I just hope they can dance.

Art & Design Dancing animated GIF

And I’ve been tindering with this other guy. Writing a lot. Not asking me out. I finally pulled the trigger this morning and asked if we were ever going to have a drink together. He said that sounded great. So we’re talking about maybe a drink Monday or Tuesday.

So I’m back in it. Back on the ol’ horse. Here’s to more of this awkward moment at beginning and end of each one:

Awkward Handshake animated GIF


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