Hey there, handsome

Went on another date last night. I was pretty excited about this one. Dimples. Pretty cute from what I could tell from Tinder. Texted for a bit, then I suggested we grab a drink. I’m not doing any more text for weeks only to go out with someone with a lisp and BO.

We met last night. He won points by being at the bar 10 minutes early. Then I walked in, and he was very dreamy. So cute. Ugh. So we drank wine. I talked too much. Drank more wine. I talked even more. I did a whole lesson on Norwegian geography. Seriously.

Anne Hathaway Shut Up animated GIF

But apparently that wasn’t enough to make him run away, so we had yet another glass of wine. I went to the bathroom. He paid for everything. Which I totally didn’t get until I asked for our tab and he said there wasn’t one, and I was like, ‘there for sure is – we just had 6 glasses of wine.’ And he was all ‘I know, I paid for them already.’ And then I was all embarrassed because I’m totally not that girl that goes to the bathroom so that her date pays. Except I guess now I am. And he got even more points.

We went outside and I said that I had a really good time, and that it was a totally not-terrible first date. Yikes. But he laughed and agreed. And then we did that weird are we going to hug? kiss? thing. We hugged. Then I just went for it. I said something like ‘I’m just going to kiss you now.’ Because I’m super smooth.

I texted him to thank him when I got home. He texted me back and said he had a great time, too. Then I got another one this morning. Saying he hoped I’d made it up and into work ok. And to have a great day. I think I like this one


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