Single as Fuck

I’m not gonna lie. Things are pretty rough over here at DIAD. Here’s the latest:

Went on that date last Tuesday night with South Dakota guy. He wasn’t terrible and we had several things in common and plenty to talk about. The problems:

  • He was clearly not that into me. He must have decided this the second he saw me, because within minutes of meeting, every time I started talking his eyes would wander over my shoulder to the hockey game. He did not try to hide this. In fact, he would regularly interrupt me to comment on the game.
  • I decided I didn’t really like him. I mean, honestly, man. Get it together. You can’t spend one hour pretending to listen to my fascinating tales? And when he was talking, he wasn’t really very interesting, either, but at least I know how to behave like an actual person.
  • I had sent him the first email, but he was the one to suggest we meet for a beer. Bill comes. I reach for my wallet – no objection from SoDak. He pulls out his card. We split the bill in half. It was for about $19. I feel like if you’re gonna ask me out, you’re gonna cover it – especially if it is for under $20.

Rude Tina Fey animated GIF

The evening ended with a quick hug and a ‘talk to you soon’. Which means: never again. Obviously.

Thinking about adding to my already somewhat tenuous grip on my sanity by adding a subscription in January. It’s not exactly cheap, but hoping that might help me weed out the cheap, flighty guys? Yet to be decided but in the meantime,


Aggressively online

Never heard anything from Dimples again. So, I guess that’s that.

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I realized that when I’m in the will-he-or-won’t-he-call stage, I start aggressively online dating. I tinder, ok, re-add POF, etc. Emailed a couple of guys on POF last week while in the throes of overcompensating for the lack of interest from Dimples. Tinder conversations have been begun and abandoned and email threads have started and stopped. The urgency wears off a bit when it becomes clear that the guy I’m waiting for just isn’t that into me.

One guy didn’t seem so bad. He really likes baseball and karaoke. Pretty sure it’s fate. So I emailed him. And he responded. So we have a date for tonight. I think that overall he’s less nerdy than some of the guys I’ve found myself on dates with lately. He’s good looking from what I can tell. And from Dakota. I usually like that. So I’m reserving judgment on a grammar situation until after I meet him. I think I place too much importance on writing style, anyway, and that’s how I keep ending up going out with these guys that I have no chemistry with in person.

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It’ll probably be a Disaster. But I’m going anyway.

Here we are again

Entered the super fun part of dating someone new. Will he call? Or, rather, will he text?

Dimples and I went out Sunday night. I prompted it when I sent him a vodka-fueled message on Friday asking when I’d see him again. Anyway, we texted daily in between, and then met for coffee on Sunday evening, before going to dinner.

Dinner was nice. Though I choked a little bit on a piece of spaghetti and so that was attractive. Snot and spaghetti bits. You know. Glamour. Anyway, I had a pretty good time. Then he drove me around the block to my house. Kissed a bit. Then I mentioned doing it again soon. He said “probably not during the week this week. I’m really busy.” Oh. Ok. So.

Got a text from him when he got home (yay!), and I sent one back. There’s been a little back and forth, but nothing yesterday. So he’s not that into me, right? All this, and I’m not even sure if I’m that into him. Erg. It’s been a while since I’ve been in this situation (E, maybe? last year?) that I kind of like a guy and want to see what happens. I forget about this part that’s all wait-and-see and will-we-or-won’t-we?

So I just googled it. After a great deal of research on high-quality sites such as and thoughtcatalog, I have come to the conclusion that maybe he likes me, or maybe he doesn’t like me. He’s found someone else, or he’s shy. It could be anything or nothing. So I guess I just hang out for a bit and see what happens.

All this to say, we’ll see if I hear from him again. Might send out another little “hey how’s it going” tonight and see what happens, but otherwise, moving on.