Aggressively online

Never heard anything from Dimples again. So, I guess that’s that.

Bye Clarissa Explains It All animated GIF

I realized that when I’m in the will-he-or-won’t-he-call stage, I start aggressively online dating. I tinder, ok, re-add POF, etc. Emailed a couple of guys on POF last week while in the throes of overcompensating for the lack of interest from Dimples. Tinder conversations have been begun and abandoned and email threads have started and stopped. The urgency wears off a bit when it becomes clear that the guy I’m waiting for just isn’t that into me.

One guy didn’t seem so bad. He really likes baseball and karaoke. Pretty sure it’s fate. So I emailed him. And he responded. So we have a date for tonight. I think that overall he’s less nerdy than some of the guys I’ve found myself on dates with lately. He’s good looking from what I can tell. And from Dakota. I usually like that. So I’m reserving judgment on a grammar situation until after I meet him. I think I place too much importance on writing style, anyway, and that’s how I keep ending up going out with these guys that I have no chemistry with in person.

Dork Lafawnduh animated GIF

It’ll probably be a Disaster. But I’m going anyway.


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