Single as Fuck

I’m not gonna lie. Things are pretty rough over here at DIAD. Here’s the latest:

Went on that date last Tuesday night with South Dakota guy. He wasn’t terrible and we had several things in common and plenty to talk about. The problems:

  • He was clearly not that into me. He must have decided this the second he saw me, because within minutes of meeting, every time I started talking his eyes would wander over my shoulder to the hockey game. He did not try to hide this. In fact, he would regularly interrupt me to comment on the game.
  • I decided I didn’t really like him. I mean, honestly, man. Get it together. You can’t spend one hour pretending to listen to my fascinating tales? And when he was talking, he wasn’t really very interesting, either, but at least I know how to behave like an actual person.
  • I had sent him the first email, but he was the one to suggest we meet for a beer. Bill comes. I reach for my wallet – no objection from SoDak. He pulls out his card. We split the bill in half. It was for about $19. I feel like if you’re gonna ask me out, you’re gonna cover it – especially if it is for under $20.

Rude Tina Fey animated GIF

The evening ended with a quick hug and a ‘talk to you soon’. Which means: never again. Obviously.

Thinking about adding to my already somewhat tenuous grip on my sanity by adding a subscription in January. It’s not exactly cheap, but hoping that might help me weed out the cheap, flighty guys? Yet to be decided but in the meantime,


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