Oh yeah. I have a blog.

I’ve been dating.

And not dating.

It’s been fine. But aside from a disappointing end to a short-lived but intense month-long romance, it’s been a lot of first dates that go nowhere.

Signed up for match.com in January. Paid my money. It’s pretty much been a disaster. Mostly 50-something year old creepers. Or younger creepers. Mostly creepers, though.

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I have been going on a fair number of first dates, though (mostly through Tinder). And exchanging messages with men I never actually meet. It’s getting to the point now where I’m struggling a bit to remember who’s who. I’ve almost called my current possibility by the wrong name more than once. I keep wanting to call him Paul. His name is Brian. Oh my God, I just had to think about it.

  • So, Brian and I went for happy hour drinks on Wednesday. It was fun. He had a lot of teeth. But I think I’ll probably be able to get past that. I didn’t get the feeling that he was that into it, but I got a message from him last night and we’re going out again tomorrow night. Dinner and a movie.
  • Went out with tinder James last week. Turns out he’s one month out of a 6-year live-in relationship. The date was a blast. But, for obvious reasons, hell no. He’d be super fun to hang out with at a ballgame or some such, but not hot enough to be a FWB. Cute guy, but in a ‘this is my boyfriend’ kind of way. Damn.
  • There was also tinder somebody… Can’t remember his name. Anyway. He was fine. But no spark and he had sausage fingers. Like really baseball mitt-like hands. So, he was a pass.

Anyway, next up for a second date is Brian. 42. Divorced dad. Not sure on the specifics yet, so can’t comment on whether he’s too recently out of his marriage. In my experience, though, people who are too recently out of a relationship tend to talk about it more, even on the first date. He didn’t say too much about it outside the practical, which makes me think he’s probably ready. I don’t know. But how bad could dinner and a movie be, right?

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